Voice Over Training Course in Noida

About the Course

Our course follows the small batch training format. This not only enhances the quality of learning but makes the best use of your time. In this format, you can expect excellent results over a relatively short period of time.

This training program aims to provide professional training and knowledge, technical excellence and commercial advantages. It makes students aware of technical and practical aspects of Voice Over and Dubbing Industry. It develops skills for Script WritingNarrating, Story Telling, Dubbing and Voice Over for this medium. It develops skills of understanding of job prospect in the field of Radio, Film, Television and Web Media.

Voice training helps you respond to the emotion you are trying to express. Voice training is about controlling your sound. Voice training helps you learning the new skill. It primarily deals with the vocal tone. Learning Voice training will not only develop your communication and acting skill, but you can also work as a voice-over artist, or a dubbing artist.

Objectives of the Curriculum

  1. To make students aware of technical and aesthetics of Audio Industry.
  2. To develop skills for Writing ScriptVoice Over, Dubbing and Story Telling.
  3. To develop skills of understanding of job prospect in the field of Radio, News portals, Film and Television.


Course Content

Warm-up techniques
Breathing techniques
Voice Improvement exercises
Correct Pronunciation
Diction & Accentual Patterns
Presentation & Speech Development
Voice Modulation
The art of good communication
Overview of the recording studio
Facing Microphone
Rehearsing Script and making necessary changes
Understanding VO & Narration
Voice-over for Documentaries
Voice Over for Radio Jingles
Voice Over for TVC
Voice Dubbing
Dubbing Techniques
Making of own demo CD
Launching yourself in the Market