Editworks School of Mass Communication, which came into existence in 2002, aims to produce efficient professionals who can achieve excellence in the field of media. Through latest technologies, state-of-the-art infrastructure, highly qualified faculty, and curriculum which is in sync with the requirement of the industry, we groom future media professionals who are always in demand in electronic, print and web media.


At Editworks, we believe that quality inputs bring the best out of people. Going by this philosophy, we have acquired latest technology in the field of electronic media at our institute in NOIDA. Facilities at the institute consist of non-linear editing systems, a fully functional studio for news reading and anchoring, latest still and video cameras, conference room and a library.


Editworks School of Mass Communication offer dual benefit to the students of Mass Communication. At Editworks School of Mass Communication we focus more on teaching practical and specialised skills such as efficient writing, editing techniques, Reporting, Camera Handling, Video Editing, Graphics and the process of production in specific areas of the media.

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