Objectives of the Curriculum

  1. To make students aware of technical and aesthetical aspects of J & MC.
  2. To develop the capacity of evaluation and analysis of the events happening around us.
  3. To develop skills for writing script, Voice Over and for these medium.
  4. To develop skills of understanding of job prospects in the field of newspaper, radio, and television.


Course content

First year:

Introduction To Mass Communication


Feature Writing

Editing and Photojournalism

Foundation Course in English

Foundation Course in Hindi


Second Year:

Mass Communication II

Broadcast Journalism

Editorial writing

Public Relations and Advertising I

History of the Press, Translation and Films

General English

Foundation Course in IT


Third Year:

Advertising: Methods & Dimensions

International Communication

Press Laws & Ethics

Mass Communication & Development

Introduction to Indian Polity & Socio Economics Studies

General Mental Ability