The EDITWORKS SCHOOL OF MASS COMMUNICATION has come into existence in the year of 2002, with the objective to achieve excellence in the field of electronic media and to make such efficient professionals who can meet the challenges of the electronic media.

At Editworks, we believe that quality inputs bring the best out of people. Going by this philosophy, we have acquired latest technology in the field of electronic media at our institute in NOIDA. Facilities at the institute consist of non-linear editing systems, a fully functional studio for news reading and anchoring, latest still and video cameras, conference room and a small library.

Entry in the field of media requires a portfolio, which is considered as the Bible for media professionals. Wherever one goes, weather a seasoned professional or a new entrant, the first thing an employer asks for is a portfolio. Always, heeding to our core philosophy, we encourage our students in developing their own portfolios at the institute during their training programs. Proper guidance and contents are provided to the students for developing the same. This exercise helps them in bringing out their talent and creativity. The students also get to work on live projects, which gives that extra boost to their resume’.

The people who are responsible for grooming the future media professionals, are themselves highly experienced and trained in their respective fields. They bring with them years of enriched past, which immensely benefits students in all aspects of their career development on right track

Generally, a media professional needs to have a high level of creativity and should have passion for the field. Though, creativity is a bit inborn thing, it can also be developed with experience and training. Other than these, one should have a lot of patience, observant eyes, a sense of time and should be ready to work rigorously.

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