"Death is not the greatest loss in life the greatest loss in
life is what dies inside us while we live."

Vivek Dayal a Friend, Philosopher and Guide was a perfect human being as well as perfect professional. An embodiment of Courage, Devotion and Vision, he inspired all concerned tounderstand the purpose of life and life of purpose. As an MBA he introduced new dimensions to the management field with innovation and ingenuity and served his company to the best of his ability and sincerity during the worst crisis of his life.

His sincerity of purpose and dedication to his mission was a rare quality which he jealousy nurtured throughout his life. He was full of compassion for suffering humanity and always contributed his might to the alleviation of it suffering. His earthly existence although very brief was full of quality and meaning. He will always remain a source of inspiration to all concern and coming generation.

The Editworks School of Mass Communication has started “Vivek Dayal Memorial Scholarship” for supporting such students who are talented but facing monetary challenges. This Scholarship is open for the students whose family income is below 1.5 Lac Rupees per annum. Written test for this Scholarship will be held on 26th of July.

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