1. Disciplines include the observance of good conduct and well-mannered behaviour by the students of the institute..

2.Every student shall maintain discipline and consider it his/her duty to behave decently at all places. Males in particular should show due courtesy and regard to female students.

3.Every student shall always carry on his/her Identity Card issued to him.

4. Any student found guilty of impersonation or of giving a false name or found guilty of forgery shall be liable to disciplinary action.

5. Habitual absence, late coming, using mobile phones in Classrooms/Study area and management office shall lead heavy penalties.

6.Inviting an outsider within the Institute premises for purposes whatsoever without prior permission of the management is strictly prohibited.

7. The loss of identity card shall be immediately reported in writing to the institute authority.

8. Disciplinary action shall be taken against the students:

  • Causing disturbance in the classes or institute premises
  • Disobeying the instructions of the trainers or the management
  • Misconduct or misbehaviour of any nature towards a trainer or any employee of the institute or any visitor to the institute;
  • Causing damage, spoiling of disfiguring the property or equipment of the institute
  • Inciting others to do any of the aforesaid acts
  • Giving publicity to misleading accounts or rumors amongst the students
  • Mischief, misbehaviour or nuisance committed by the student or residents of hostel
  • Any other conduct anywhere, which is considered to be unbecoming of a student
  • Students found guilty of breach of discipline shall be liable to such punishment, as fine, campus ban or expulsion.