Bachelor of Journalim & Mass Communication

    Qualification 10+2
    No. of Seats 30 per batch
    Duration 3 Years

    Objectives of the Curriculum

    1.To make students aware of technical and aesthetical aspects of Television Journalism.

    2.To develop capacity of evaluation and analysis of the events happening around us.

    3.To develop skills for writing script, Voice Over and for these medium.

    4.To know and understand the moral and legal responsibilities of Journalism and medium of Mass Communication.

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1st YEAR

  • Principles of Communication-I
  • Global Comparative Media
  • Information Technology
  • History & Industry of Mass Communication
  • Communication & Soft Skills
  • Mass Communication Concepts and Processes
  • Print Media & Photo Journalism
  • Reporting & Editing-I
  • Communication Skills
  • Computer Application for Journalism
  • Practical

2nd YEAR

  • Reporting Techniques & Skills
  • Editing: Concepts & Processes
  • Reporting & Editing Lab
  • TV Journalism & Programme Formats
  • Television Production: Idea to Screen
  • Basic of camera, Lights and Sound
  • Advertising: Concepts and Principles
  • Advertising through Print, Radio & Television
  • Press Laws and Media Ethics
  • Television Production Lab
  • Operation and Handling of Video Equipment
  • Practical

3rd YEAR

  • Event Management: Principles and Methods
  • Organization and Management
  • Research Methodologies for Media
  • Cyber Journalism
  • Public Relations
  • World Media Scenario
  • Contemporary Media Technology
  • Radio
  • Government Information System
  • Project Report
  • Operation and Handling of Video Equipment
  • Practical